Amazed by Jesus

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ISBN: 978-1-910012-96-3
Publication Date: 22/12/2020

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" heart is beating with the thrill of it and I can only hope you will have a similar experience as Simon calls us afresh to be amazed by Jesus"
Rico Tice; Senior Minister, All Souls, Langham Place

Following the life of Jesus from the crib to the cross, to the resurrection and the promise that he will come again, Simon Ponsonby explores what this person and this life means for us today. Emphasising both the humanity and divinity of Jesus, Ponsonby showcases what is so amazing about Jesus, helping readers to rediscover their awe and wonder again.

Marshalling the multi-faceted names and descriptions of Jesus in Scripture – the King of the Jews, the Good Shepherd, the Lamb of God, the Living Water, the Bridegroom, High King of Heaven, Lord and Saviour, the Way, the Truth and the Life and many more – this book reveals the one who is God come to us, to be God with us, to show God for us.

Amazed by Jesus helps to restore our vision of Jesus and expand it, so we can know him better and see him as he is. Jesus changed and is changing everything – he is amazing. This is a clarion call from Ponsonby to the Church to go back to our first love, to go deeper and truly experience the living water – a discovery that will impact on the whole world.

What People are Saying

“In this beautifully written book Simon Ponsonby invites us to stand back and take in who Jesus is. The result is profound. I encourage everyone to pick this book up and read it – and I strongly suspect that you too will conclude that Jesus is amazing!”

Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing
Director, OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetic

“Simon Ponsonby is more than a good writer – he is a passionate follower of Jesus who’s love for his Lord shines out in his life as well as in the pages he pens. Amazed by Jesus is approachable but deep, reminding us that at the centre of everything is Jesus. Read it and discover, or rediscover, just how amazing Jesus is.”

Mark Sayers
Senior Leader Red Church Melbourne, Australia; Author of a number of books including Strange Daysand Reappearing Church

“In the pulpit of the church I attended as a student, Charles Simeon, a great preacher of the late 18th and early 19th century, had the words from John 12:21 carved, visible only to the preacher, ‘Sir, we would see Jesus’.  This is a great reminder of the preacher’s task and of the greatest need of each human heart – and why I am so grateful to Simon for this wonderful book. Read and reflect and see Jesus afresh!”

Paul Harcourt
National Leader of New Wine

“This is a book born in amazement and contemplation. And it is a book that can stir that same amazement. It is my conviction that fascination for the person of Jesus Christ is the most urgent need for the church in the west. We have to rediscover the source of it all. This book filled with poetic, colorful descriptions is a real help to deepen the core of our faith: the relationship with Jesus.”

Dr Johannes Hartl
Founder of the Augsburg House of Prayer; Author of Heart Fire, Simply Prayand God Untamed

“Whilst deeply theological, this is not primarily a theology book. While profoundly insightful, this is not a new revelation, while richly Christocentric, this is not a book simply about Christ. It is in fact a trap door into a world of treasure that leaves you breathless with wonder and more intoxicated than ever with the God-man Jesus. Read it devotionally and fall in love all over again. I did!”

Dr Nic Harding
Director, Kairos Connexion; Director, Together for the Harvest; Founding Pastor, Frontline Church

“After years of books on church growth strategies, prayer, revival, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven steps to who knows what, and countless more subjects, here in Amazed by Jesus Simon Ponsonby draws us back to our first love, to Jesus himself, the lover of our souls.

The author takes us gently by the hand and leads us to Jesus. He brings us carefully, respectfully into his presence, so that sometimes we feel almost as if we are personally present as he turns water to wine, or speaks to a pharisee, or heals a leper, or teaches his disciples. Ponsonby opens our eyes afresh to the wonder of the man, Christ Jesus.

It is very quickly obvious that the book is written from a lifetime of meditation on the person and character of Jesus, of spending time in his presence, of being taken up in awe of him. We are fortunate indeed to be drawn into this special relationship.

Revelation 2 contains the serious warning to the church at Ephesus that in spite of all their hard work, their perseverance, their godly discernment, and more, they had forsaken their first love. The call is to repent. In this lovely book, Simon Ponsonby takes us to Jesus, encouraging us to spend time in his presence, to gaze on his beauty, to fall in love with him again. And yes, to repent of our busy-ness in this current age, and to return to our first love.”

Dr Garth Gilmour

“I would find it incredibly difficult to overstate the impact Simon Ponsonby has had on my life to date. He has been a mentor and friend, an encourager and guide, and along the journey his writings and teachings have been a stream in the desert. From the words that come out of his mouth when he preaches, to the prose he puts on paper, Simon’s ability to blend scriptural sound exegesis, with the revelation and experience he has himself received from his own relationship with Christ, give him the rare ability to quench people’s spiritual thirst, and facilitate a greater hunger to know and receive the ‘more’ Jesus has for each of us. At a time when the world advocates many precepts and propositions as the means to advancement, Simon’s book re-orientates our hearts and minds back to the person and work of Jesus. I believe this book is not only an encouraging voice for the church at this time, but is also a necessary vessel that will impart a renewed delight in Jesus, deposit a fresh revelation of timeless biblical truths, and inspire us to intentionally desire a deeper devotion to Jesus our Lord in every area of our lives.”

Rev Rob Wall
Writer; Teacher; TBN Programmer and Presenter

“This is a sparkling  book that is beautifully-written and arresting. Full to the brim with learning and wisdom, it overflows with love for Jesus. An unforgettable and virtuoso work that both feeds the mind and warms the heart.”

Minister, Speaker and Author

“Out of the many theological books published, there are few dynamic, succinct and faithful expositions of the central character of the Christian story – Jesus Christ himself.  Simon Ponsonby‘s Amazed by Jesus is one such book. In Simon’s engaging and inimitable style, he weaves story, quotations and testimony together with incisive Biblical exegesis. This is practical theology at its best, pointing the reader to the biblical Christ and the only logical and reasonable response is worship.”

Greg Downes
Director of Ministerial Training, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University

“Gordon and I had the privilege to work on team with Simon Ponsonby at St Aldates Church in Oxford for nearly 7 years. During this time, I learnt to admire Simon’s ability to mix complex theological truth with his wonderful sense of humour and storytelling. Amazed by Jesusillustrates that he is still a powerful communicator. This book will agitate and capture your heart for this amazing Jesus once again. As you read this book you need to eat it slowly, chewing the depths of the truths, lingering and partaking deeply of this Jesus without being in a hurry. Then I believe you will be able to take the challenge and live a Jesus life, knowing that the best is still to come!”

Rachel Hickson
Founder of Heartcry for Change; International Author and Speaker

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Simon Ponsonby through a decade of ministering together in Oxford, it’s that he loves to speak about Jesus. Many of these chapters I’ve heard Simon preach, chatted about over coffee, or discussed in text message exchanges and each one is a love song to the Lord. All together, the effect is like Handel’s Messiah: a beautiful and rich expression of the person and work of Christ from all angles. Read, listen, and be amazed again by Messiah who is its great theme.”

Daniel Hames
Associate Director, Union School of Theology

“Simon Ponsonby has developed a signature ability to take deep theological truths and make them accessible to everyone. He writes with the thoroughness of a scholar and the heart of a pastor. The richness of his work reflects a profound grasp of history, art, and literature woven together in a rich tapestry of compelling prose. In Amazed by Jesus, Simon powerfully tells the story of Jesus for the 21st century reader – who reading this will want to love Jesus.”

Rev Dr Barry Crane
Senior Pastor North Sound Church and United States Navy Chaplain (Ret.)

“A feast of beautiful prose which explains deep truths of Jesus in a simple way. Whether you are walking in the valley or on the mountaintop in your life, Jesus is brought near in the pages of this book.  Every ounce of wisdom and knowledge that Simon possesses of Jesus is wrung out here and communicated from a heart that loves Jesus and earnestly desires that we know what he knows of Jesus. A treasure of a book.”

Baronness Elizabeth Berridge

“What a beautifully written book my dear friend Simon has composed. I realized in reading Amazed by Jesus that oftentimes the focus in Church tends to be on the Father and the Holy Spirit, both of which are needed yet also where perhaps we have overlooked the person of Jesus. With the historical content This book truly reflects and speaks of depths of the person of Jesus layered with personal connections to draw us into closer and deeper relationship to the One who sees us. It’s a beautiful reminder to know that we are truly seen, loved and accepted and how this reminder changes everything. We are loved to love and our hope is found in this love, to be loved by Jesus now and to be with Him forever. Simon does a tremendous job of reminding us; at times teaching us, all the while pointing to what a magnificent and very personal gift Jesus is to us. Simon has such a gift of taking deep theological truths and making them attainable for all. This book does not disappoint and I have no doubt those who will engage in this journey will only fall more in love with our amazing Jesus.

Christy Wimber
Author and pastor who has travelled the world for decades encouraging the Church around the world.

“Most Christian leaders and speakers have one key life message that ends up being woven into all they do and say. Simon’s is here, loud and clear: Jesus is amazing! Come to him. He shines a spotlight on his magnificent hero, his Lord and his King and illuminates the power, the beauty, the wonder of who Jesus Christ really is. It’s almost impossible to read this book and not be captured and captivated by the wonder of Jesus and then in turn want to give the whole of your life over to Him (again!). Each chapter is rich with stories that inspire and challenge and I found my heart being warmed, my spirit energised and my resolve sharpened to live in such a way that glorifies Jesus, who is, quite simply, amazing.”

Ness Wilson
Leader of Pioneer UK and Open Heaven Church Loughborough

“When I think of Simon, I think of colour, vibrancy, humour, kindness, encouragement, friendship and grace (among many other things) This book is bursting at the seams with all of these. But above all I think of his lifelong love of Jesus Christ; his uncompromising devotion to Jesus Christ, and his relentless commitment to introducing Jesus Christ to whoever he can, whenever he can. In this book, Simon has drawn back the myriad veils that obscure the face and person of Jesus in our wayward culture, and beats a path to his spectacular presence. This book offers a true theophany to anyone with an open heart. Read it and your life will be transformed as you encounter the glory of God in Christ.”

Anita Cleverly
Church Leader; Author; Teacher

About the Author

Simon Ponsonby is an international author, speaker and theologian based at St Aldates, Oxford, UK where he is Pastor of Theology. He has written several books on practical theology and doctrine, including an expository commentary on Romans, God is For Us. Simon is married to Tiffany and they have two teenage sons, Joel and Nat.

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