God Untamed (eBook)

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Publication Date: 16/12/2019
Format: Paperback | eBook

"... lays out, with great skill, passion and a storyteller’s touch, a philosophical and theological argument of the need for the Western Church to reencounter the majesty and immensity of the God who cannot be tamed."
Mark Sayers, Lead Pastor, Red Church, Melbourne

Powerful. Almighty. Sovereign. Magnificent. Fearsome. This is the God we encounter in the Bible and in prayer – a God who astounds. Yet, Johannes Hartl argues that this is an astonishment that many have lost in the West today.

A challenging rejection of ‘feel-good’ Christianity, God Untamed explores the deep crisis of faith that effects the Western world. At a time where the need for spirituality is great, yet churches are losing more and more members; in the face of a generation with so many opportunities and so little direct threat, yet who are so anxious, depressed and disenchanted – Hartl speaks of the voice that can still oceans. God, as he encounters us, is not simply ‘nice’ and certainly not trivial or comfortable. He is fascinating and intimidating at the same time.

Hartl calls us to rediscover this sense of wonder and reimagine what it is to have a fear of God – not founded in a whimper at the unknown, but a respect borne out of watching his visible power in the nature of our world. Without this fear, Hartl warns that the church is in danger of weakening under the immense pressures of our times.

God Untamed is a compelling charge to get out of our spiritual comfort zones to find a real, truly fulfilled and fulfilling faith.

What People are Saying

Johannes is a man of great prayer, filled with the Spirit, who can communicate the most urgent and important of spiritual truths in profoundly simple ways. In this work, Johannes shows us another gift, laying out for us with great skill, passion and a storyteller’s touch, a philosophical and theological argument of the need for the Western Church to reencounter the majesty and immensity of the God who cannot be tamed.

Mark Sayers
Lead Pastor, Red Church, Melbourne, Australia

Johannes Hartl takes us on a journey to identify, ask and also answer critical questions in this generation. This work is intelligent and anointed at the same time. God Untamed is a brilliant book that has the potential, if read with great interest and diligently applied, to restore the awe of God in multitudes.

Philipp J. Schmerold
Global Kingdom Mission

God Untamed is an invitation to wonder and awe. We are not the heroes of this story. Johannes challenges us to get down from our rickety thrones, take off our tinfoil crowns and dare to peer at the true King.

Carla Harding
National Director, 24-7 Prayer

God Untamed strips away the preconceptions and misconceptions of the popular myths we have come to believe about God, revealing who he truly is in a way that honours his incredible, powerful, awe-inspiring character. An intelligent, thought-provoking and engaging book – read it and you will rediscover a sense of wonder at the magnificent God we worship.

Leo Bigger
Senior Pastor, ICF Church

God Untamed is essentially about the nature of God, it draws upon philosophy, psychology and literature but is primarily biblically based. An exploration of the big questions: life, death, judgement and eternity. These weighty topics are interwoven with narratives from life told in Hartl’s usual compelling storytelling style. He doesn’t set out primarily to inform but to draw people into worship of God who is continually being revealed.

Michelle Moran
Co-founder, Sion Community for Evangelism; Leader within International Catholic Charismatic Renewal

God Untamed is filled with great illustrations and amazing stories. Johannes Hartl explores some theological and philosophical ideas and questions about who God is. It is such an inspiring, uplifting and challenging read.

James Aladiran

Founder of Prayer Storm, UK

As an author, Johannes Hartl takes a very special and different approach to his writing, and I found God Untamed a most interesting and thought-provoking book. It contains a lot of wisdom and stimulating ideas, and I am very happy to recommend it, particularly if you are looking to read something different but helpful.

Charles Whitehead KSG
Chairman, International Charismatic Consultation; Former President, International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council

This book by Johannes Hartl seeks to cut through many of the popular myths about the nature of God that seem to have crept into the thinking and understanding of many Christians and takes us back to the supernatural reality of a God who cannot be ‘tamed’ or ‘contained’ by minds that are limited by lived experience. As Hartl says about our seeking a relationship with our living God ‘lip service will not get you very far’ – with its constant reference back to Scripture this book challenges the reader to step back and think or rethink about their own relationship with God. If you don’t want to be challenged choose not to read this book, but if you want to re-engage with an ‘untamed God’ it’s a must read.

Geoff Poulter
Rhema Outreach Ministries

About the Author

Johannes Hartl is a passionate storyteller who loves to communicate the heart of God. In 2005, he and his wife, Jutta, founded the House of Prayer, Augsburg. He is the author of numerous books and an international conference speaker, renowned for bringing spiritual depth along with humorous insight and practical application. He holds a PhD in Catholic Theology and has earned his degrees in German langauge and Literature Studies, as well as Philosophy. Johannes lives in Augsburg with his wife and their four children.

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