The Gift of Blessing

Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-1-910012-49-9
Publication Date: 20/04/2018

Price: £9.99

God’s blessing is never exclusive. Blessing from God to us, blessing from God through us: that is the plan.
Kate Patterson

We were made to experience God’s blessing! From God’s first blessing on Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and increase in number” to Jesus’ last blessing on his followers as he ascended into heaven, blessing is central to how God relates to those he loves.

And yet many of us think God’s blessing is not for us. Maybe we’ve read the stories of blessing in the Bible, or seen it in the lives of others, but catch ourselves thinking “that’s nice for them, but God hasn’t got that for me…” Or worse, we picture God as a grumpy old man who measures out blessing in measly thimblefuls.

Following on from her first book exploring the Aaronic blessing from the book of Numbers, this encouraging devotional offers the opportunity to see God afresh through that shining blessing – a God who loves us and whose heart is to bless his people, through his people.

Beautifully designed and illustrated, and with scripture, quotations, and questions to reflect on, The Gift of Blessing is an ideal gift for those who long to be blessed that they might be a blessing to others.

What People are Saying

“Most of us long to be blessed but what does that mean in a messy broken world? Kate Patterson makes deep biblical truths accessible, opening our eyes to God’s unfailing intent not only to bless us but to make us a blessing. Here is a book to treasure and to share!”
Mark Batterson, New York Times best-selling Author of The Circle Maker and Lead Pastor of National Community Church

“Kate Patterson’s devotional The Gift of Blessing is a must-have. This book doesn’t stop giving. When you’ve finished it, you realise you’re not finished. You see the need to start right back at the beginning and go through it again. It’s that wonderful.”
Robby Dawkins,International best-selling Author, Conference Speaker and Subject of award-winning documentaries

“I promise that this wise and sensitively written book will be a blessing to you! It reveals the wonderful truths of Aaron’s blessing in a way that speaks right into our lives. With compassion and understanding Kate writes from her own experience of God’s unfailing love even in the midst of deep loss and pain.”
Dr RT Kendall

Praise for The Promise of Blessing

“It is impossible to encounter Kate Patterson for long without being profoundly aware of the love of Jesus. I am delighted that in this book she invites us to join with her in understanding better the amazing blessing of a relationship with God.”
Nicky Gumbel, Vicar, Holy Trinity Brompton

“There can be few more delightful or richer subjects than God’s blessing and this book gives it the attention it deserves. Sensible and sensitive, fresh and refreshing, thoughtful and thought-provoking; this is not just a book on blessing but of blessing.”
Revd Canon J. John

“In this wise and honest book, Kate Patterson unfolds the truth and beauty of what it means to live under God’s blessing in our everyday, chequered lives. Kate has enormous insight into the riches of the Aaronic blessing, and writes with humility, candour, and compassion. This important book will encourage and refresh those who seek to know more of abundant God’s love for them.”
Dr Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Principle of Westminster Theological Centre

“I found this book so deep, so thoughtful and so helpful! The Numbers 6 Aaronic blessing has always meant a lot to me and this book so helped me to understand and appreciate it more deeply. I so enjoyed the thoughtful exposition and the wonderful richness of the complementary scriptures. A very valuable book I will want to keep by me for ever.”
Jenn Rees Larcombe, Author

About the Author

Kate Patterson is a gifted speaker and writer, and Director of Gift of Blessing Trust, which makes deep biblical truths accessible to all. She works part-time as a Formation Tutor at St. Mellitus Theological College where she counts it a great privilege to help form the next generation of Christian leaders. Kate was in church leadership for 20 years and has experience as a college chaplain and as a primary school chaplain.

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