The Medallion

Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-1-910012-91-8
Publication Date: 30/09/2020

Price: £14.99

A rich story about the deepest of loves, the most impossible of choices, and the determination to live and love others in the midst of paralyzing grief.
Melanie Dobson, award-winning author of Hidden Among the Stars

Fastening the slender golden chain around Rosa’s neck, Itzhak Dunovich seals their marriage vows with a medallion, symbolizing the joy of new life. Yet the young couple never imagine that they would welcome their longed-for first child in the Jewish ghetto, or that they would let anything tear their family apart. Sophie Kumiega, a British bride working in Warsaw’s library, awaits news of her husband, recently deployed with the Polish Air Force. Though Sophie is determined that she and the baby in her womb will stay safe, the days ahead will draw her into the plight of those around her, compelling her to help, whatever the danger.

Seemingly overnight, the German blitzkrieg of Warsaw in 1939 turns its streets to a warzone and shatters the life of each citizen – Polish, Jewish or otherwise. As daily privations intensify, Rosa soon faces a terrifying reality: to save their daughter’s life, she must send her into hiding. Her only hope of finding her after the war – if any of them survive – is the medallion, cut in half and placed around her daughter’s neck.

Inspired by true events of Poland’s darkest days and brightest heroes, The Medallion paints a stunning portrait of war and its aftermath, daring us to believe that when all seems lost, hope can make a way forward.

What People are Saying

Cathy Gohlke has done it again – woven history with stories of two families that must face the unthinkable. The Medallion is timeless and gripping, taking readers on a journey of bravery and hope.

Terri Gillespie
Award-winning author, Cut It Out; Co-host, Proverbs Live

The Medallion is a rich story about the deepest of loves, the most impossible of choices, the determination to live and love others in the midst of paralyzing grief. Some stories stick with me for a season, but these characters – and the strength of this beautifully written novel – will cling to my heart for a lifetime.

Melanie Dobson
Award-winning author, Hidden Among the Stars

Set against a backdrop of our world’s darkest time, Cathy Gohlke’s The Medallion seamlessly weaves heartache with healing. I read the story of these two women valiantly fighting for life in the midst of so much death, and felt myself humbled in the shadow of their strength. With every page, Gohlke reminds us that where there is life, there is hope.

Allison Pittman
Award-winning author, The Seamstress

A master storyteller, Cathy Gohlke has created unforgettable characters in unthinkable circumstances. This story completely undid me, then stitched me back together with hope. A novel that has grabbed my heart – and won’t let go – for what I’m sure will be a very long time.

Heidi Chiavaroli
Carol Award-winning author, The Hidden Side

Cathy Gohlke has done it again! The Medallion is a beautifully written story with a riveting plot, realistic characters and moving themes of sacrificial love, redemption and forgiveness. Highly recommended for readers who are willing to stay up late, because they won’t be able to put this book down!

Carrie Turansky
Award-winning author, No Ocean Too Wide and Across the Blue

Cathy Gohlke skillfully weaves true stories of heroism and sacrifice into her novel to create a realistic portrayal of Poland during WWII. The Medallion is a stunning story of impossible choices and the enduring power of faith and love.

Lynn Austin
Author, Legacy of Mercy

What a wonderful book, filled with characters I loved and cared about. The Medallion will grip your heart with its message of the sustaining power of faith in the direst of circumstances. Do not miss this book.

Gayle Roper
Author, A Widow’s Journey

The Medallion literally took my breath away. Cathy Gohlke has beautifully intertwined the tragic stories of two Polish families in the darkest days of WWII. She masterfully transports her readers through characters so vividly portrayed, I felt as if I was walking in their shoes, facing their unspeakable choices and experiencing each and every one of their gut-wrenching emotions of love, sacrifice and loss. Absolutely brilliant.

Diane Moody
Author, Of Windmills and War

Cathy Gohlke’s The Medallion is a masterfully created story of hope in the midst of war. Written with passion and love, the characters are ones we grow to cherish.

Alice J. Wisler
Award-winning author, Rain Song

About the Author

Cathy Gohlke is a three-time Christy and two-time Carol and INSPY Award-winning and bestselling author. She writes novels steeped with inspirational lessons, speaking of world and life events through the lens of history and championing the battle against oppression. When not travelling to historic sites for research, she, her husband and their dog, Reilly, divide their time between northern Virginia and the Jersey Shore.

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