The Really Really Busy Person’s Book on Parenting

Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-1-910012-28-4
Publication Date: 19/02/2016

Price: £7.50

There is no one way to be the perfect parent. But there are a hundred ways to be a great parent.

As parents we live each day at such a pace. One minute we are juggling the dawn scramble for p.e. kit, packing lunchboxes and dealing with toddler tantrums in the supermarket queue and then before we know it, they are filling in job applications. Did we do it right? Did we do it well?

There is no one way to be the perfect parent. But there are a hundred ways to be a great parent. This hilarious, engaging little book is packed full with great ideas to help any really really busy parent find that extra minute, to enjoy their kids and to make the very most of every precious moment. Within these few pages are ideas strategies and principles that can revolutionise not only the way we parent, but also the way we feel about our parenting.

A Note from Muddy Pearl

Editing this brilliant little book took me straight back to when our four were growing up – schoolbags and shoes scattered along the hallway, chatter and cheekiness at every mealtime, tantrums and teasing in every car journey. Rob and Katharine capture so very well those tricky situations that every mum or dad finds themselves in – the critical business call interrupting the promised bedtime story, the toddler meltdown in the supermarket. They give such wise, memorable and simple advice. Simple, that is, until you’re in the situation. You think you know it, and you probably do, but it’s so, so easy to forget. As I am learning all over again each time I look after my grandsons!

Above all, what I love about this book is that it is so very encouraging. It leaves no trace of guilt – and we parents are so susceptible to that, aren’t we ­– but it builds you up, restores your perspective on parenting and puts the laughter and fun back into the most rewarding job in the world.


Some great wisdom and sound advice

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About the Authors

Rob Parsons is the Chairman and Founder of Care for the Family. He has spoken across the world on family issues and is the author of many books including the Sixty Minute series. He is married to Dianne and they have two children and five grandchildren.

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Katharine Hill is UK Director for Care for the Family. She speaks and writes widely on family matters; she blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and is a popular speaker, writer and broadcaster. She has practiced as a family lawyer and as a member of the board of the International Commission for Couple and Family Relations, as well as being a member of a government advisory group on family issues. Katharine is married to Richard and they have four grown-up children.

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