Treasured Secrets

We print our books on the paperiest paper and wrap them in gorgeous jackets, uncoated or soft touch, with just a sprinkle of foil or a hint of a shine. We know they are worth it. They hold keys to the kingdom. To the meaning of life. The life of the soul. Life beyond this. Beyond here. The strength to keep going. A glimpse of the eternal. The first step on an adventure. Making this one precious life each one of us has actually work. Secrets so treasured that, if you stumbled across them in a field, you would quickly bury them, then go and sell everything you have to buy that piece of dirty earth.

Which is why we are called Muddy Pearl.

Welcome to our little trove.

Our Words

We publish new writers and old and their writing on faith and life and love, spiritual memoir, real life stories and made-up ones, prayer and poetry, humour and difficult issues.

Our Story

Who and where we are

Muddy Pearl was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013 by Richard and Stephanie Heald. We are a family business, structured as a limited company. But the truth is, a lot of people have helped to build this business – authors and booksellers and readers; spiritual and business advisors; investors and volunteers and talented team members and our wee clutch of trusted freelance professionals who have worked tirelessly to tight deadlines, and many friends who have talked with us late into the night. Everyone's contribution has been so valuable and we are continually thankful for each and every one.

The People Behind Muddy Pearl


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