Submitting to Muddy Pearl

At Muddy Pearl, we are committed to performing the traditional role of the publisher, and doing that as well as we can. We are not a self-publishing company, vanity publisher, nor a hybrid. We are a close-knit team, working hard to edit, market and produce books, while covering all costs. We never charge authors to publish their books.

Although we almost always commission books directly, we do accept a few unsolicited submissions (and it really is very few). We can’t promise to read every submission, and at busy times we can’t even promise to reply to every submission, much as we would dearly like to. This is because we are a very small team, with far too much to do, and simply not enough hours in the day. Please be patient, and forgive us if our answer has to be no.

We love all our books, and we’ve invested lots of time and money in them (as have our authors, of course). And so, one thing that does help to start a conversation is to tell us about one you’ve read. We are always accepting submissions to our Writer’s Wednesday blog, encouraging writers to write a creative review of something we have published, linking their own work with ours. Think of it as a literary icebreaker.

If you’d like to submit a Writer’s Wednesday article contact us.

We also place great value on real, interpersonal connection, so if there is someone that we know, or know of, who would recommend your work to us, that would be a great way of making an introduction.

Other than that, here is some advice that we have shamelessly culled from another publisher’s website. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all. So, there’s something on how to write fiction here, advice on how to get published here and again here.