Just to give you an idea of the kind of thing we are looking for, let’s just say that Stephanie has edited many authors over the years, as diverse as John Stott and Pete Greig, Chuck Colson and Dallas Willard, Jim Wallis and Michael Schluter, Steve Turner and the Bishop of Liverpool, Nicky Gumbel and Andy Flannagan.  She has worked with established authors and new, theologians and not, academics, pastors, doctors and dreamers – and even the wife of a Prime Minister !  Her books have covered subjects ranging from prayer, Bible study and discipleship to health, work and economics, and include responses to major moral and social issues as well as to more personal and relational matters too.

Here is a list of some of those books which, in one way or another, she has worked on and brought to market over the past twenty-one years, all of which she has thoroughly enjoyed …

God on Mute :  Pete Greig, Kingsway
Matters of Life and Death :  John Wyatt, IVP
Good News to the Poor :  Tim Chester, IVP
Marriage :  Chris Ash, IVP
Jubilee Manifesto :  Michael Schluter, IVP
Renovation of the Heart :  Dallas Willard, IVP
Good News about Injustice :  Gary Haugen, IVP
God 360 :  Andy Flannagan, Authentic
Stop the Traffik :  Steve Chalke and Cherie Blair, Lion
Why I am a Christian
:  John Stott, IVP
Faith to Faith
:  Chawkat Moucarry, IVP
Life in our hands
:  John Bryant, IVP
Turning Points
:  Julia Ogilivy, Lion

The Best Idea in the World :  Mark Greene, Zondervan
One Stop Bible Atlas :  Nick Page, Lion
The World of the Early Church: Simon Jones, Lion

Carol :  Bob Hartman, Lion
Faiths in Conflict :  Vinoth Ramachandra, IVP

God at Work :  Ken Costa, Alpha
Grieving a Suicide :  Al Hsu, IVP
2 Corinthians Crossway Bible Guide :  Jonathan Lamb, IVP
The Holy Spirit in the World Today :  Jane Williams, Alpha

The Incomparable Christ :  John Stott, IVP
Imagine :  Steve Turner, IVP
Justice That Restores :  Charles Colson, IVP
LifeChange :  Mark Elsdon-Dew, Alpha
Lucas out Loud :  Jeff Lucas, Authentic
The Lion Handbook of Science and Christianity :  R J Berry, Lion
The Lion Handbook to the Bible 4th edition :  David and Pat Alexander, Lion
The Moral Leader
:  Bishop James Jones, IVP
Out of the Storm
: Chris Ash, IVP
:  Gerard Kelly, Authentic

Pilgrimage :  Ian Bradley, Lion
The Prodigal Spirit :  Graham Tomlin, Alpha

Relational Manager :  Michael Schluter, Lion
Punk Monk :  Andy Freeman, Kingsway
To My Sons :  Bear Grylls, Lion

Questions of life :  Nicky Gumbel, Alpha
Searching Issues :  Nicky Gumbel, Alpha
The Jesus Lifestyle :  Nicky Gumbel, Alpha
Telling Others :  Nicky Gumbel, Alpha

Saints :  Scot Bower, Lion
Seven Ways to Change the World :  Jim Wallis, Lion

Speaking of Women :  Andrew Perriman, IVP

What Could I Say/Do/Be :  Peter Hicks, IVP
Why Bother With Church (now ‘Building a Better Body‘) :  Simon Jones, IVP / Authentic
The World of the Bible :  John Drane, Lion

Together, let’s add some more to this list …