Emily Ackerman

Emily Ackerman trained and worked as a doctor before illness put an end to her professional career. Her first book, A Time to Care, was published by IVP.

Emily lives in Scotland with her husband. She likes people-watching, playing with fabric, playing with words and growing green things. Emily has two children and two grandchildren. After twenty three years of illness and disability caused by M.E., Emily is enjoying an unexpected recovery.

“With Emily, we can learn in a deeper way. How to keep ourselves well, how to overcome setbacks and even relapses.”

Dr Rob Waller
Consultant Psychiatrist, Director of Premier Mind and Soul

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A powerful book, not only brave and raw, but much needed in our charismatic world. It must have been a costly book to write.
Dr Lucy Peppiatt
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Drawing on his own experience as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, minister and lecturer Tim Hein offers his expertise, practical guidance, and empathy. For those who have suffered sexual abuse and those in a position to help them, this is a rich resource filled with sober truths and the hope of Christ.

It’s a moving, mature, challenging and hopeful work which should be readily available in every Christian church, and which anyone engaged in pastoral work will learn much from.
The Very Revd Dr David Ison
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