Guy Brandon

Guy Brandon is Senior Researcher for The Jubilee Centre, and holds a degree, MPhil and PhD in Old Testament theology from Cambridge University. His books include Just Sex (IVP) and Votewise (SPCK). As a freelance writer and consultant, Guy has worked with a range of cryptocurrency platforms, communities and businesses, creating articles, white papers and film scripts. Guy is married with two children.

The Jubilee Centre is a social reform think tank based in Cambridge; it explores a biblical perspective in social, economic and political issues, and equips Christians to be salt and light in the public square.

“Guy Brandon is excellent in telling personal anecdotes on his own grappling with technology as a Christian … and provides lights along the way to help us navigate through the fog. Very well researched with an easy journalistic style”


Guy’s books

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This book won’t try to get you to vote for a particular party. It isn’t going to try to get you to vote at all. Something far better. It’s going to show you that you could be voted for. That it could be your name on the ballot paper. Or that you could be working with someone whose name is, influencing your community more than you ever imagined.

A book that powerfully challenges our misconceptions about politics and asks us not to stand on the side lines and moan but to get involved.
Patrick Regan, OBE

Founder and CEO of XLP

Nation in Transit Cover

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Nation in Transit

This book offers a clear vision for what a post-Brexit Britain should look like. It takes a long, hard look at what really creates the conditions for people and communities to flourish and why we’re just not feeling it as a nation. The answers combine radical political ideas with grassroots Essex reality; because if the solutions don’t work for White Van Man then they probably won’t work at all.

Phil Anderson has taken his intelligent, compassionate, and community-focussed style of politics and applied it to some of the biggest issues facing Britain today. Our political debate needs to include more voices like this.
Stephen Metcalfe

MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock