Upcoming Events

Here you’ll find various upcoming authors’ events and appearances. From festivals to bookstalls, from tours to launches, we hope you will find something you’ll enjoy!

Born Free Launch event

What does it mean to be ‘born free’? Do we really appreciate that we are citizens of God’s kingdom, and embrace with gratitude the freedom that he has won for us? Or do we scurry around like the proverbial ant, labouring to earn our place, never still, our heads bowed under a heavy yoke of our own making? Come and join in the discussion as we launch Katharine Hill’s lovely new book, and explore how we can experience the love of God more deeply in the everyday busyness of work, family and life and share that joy with others.

New Wine 2023

New Wine has a new home: Kent Event Centre, Maidstone. Come along and enjoy Simon Ponsonby delivering morning Bible Readings in his own inimitable way; Katharine Hill and her team leading seminars on parenting in a digital age, drawing on a depth of wisdom in her lifeline of a book, Left to their Own Devices. We are also SO excited to see in the line-up, Gary Haugen, author of Good News about Injustice and founder of IJM ministries.

Truth North Retreat 25–28 July, Waverley Abbey

Do you feel like you’ve lost your way? Are you feeling disconnected from God and from your true-est self? This retreat led by author Jill Weber will provide a framework and tools to help you live more soulfully and sustainably, helping you to become the best version of yourself and a gift to the world.

Keswick Convention Week 1, 15–21 July 2023

Catch Mark Greene teaching on being human in the divine plan, on living and working with God and being made in his image, and finding a framework for everyday fruitfulness. And then set out on a walk in the fells to reflect on it all.

HTB Focus 2023

Focus is back and Jonny Gumbel is back too, all the way from Rio, with his family, to lead early morning Bible readings. Grab a cup of tea, and come and join in.