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Using the code MANTHANO2022 you can get A Mind of Their Own and Left to Their Own Devices? for £20.

For attendees of the Manthano Parenting conference 2022, we have prepared a very special offer. Use this coupon and get Katharine Hill’s A Mind of their Own: Building your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing in a Post-pandemic World and Left to their Own Devices: Confident Parenting in a World of Screens, for £20, representing a saving of £5.98. Shipping is free.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Add one of each to your basket by pressing the buttons below
  2. Enter the code you received at the conference in the box at checkout
  3. We send you two copies!

This offer is only available until 4th July, so do please be quick.

We will send all orders out as soon as we possibly can, but please bear with us and allow two to three weeks, as if demand is high, it may take us a while to get them all signed and packaged them all up. Thank you!

Katharine Hill, UK Director of Care for the Family, has written A Mind of Their Own to equip parents to build resilience and care well for their children’s mental wellbeing, from toddlerhood to teenage years.

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Another beautiful book from Katharine Hill, Left to Their Own Devices? tackles the thorny issue of children and technology. This third edition is the perfect companion to A Mind of Their Own, providing parents and carers with an insightful lifeline for the digital age.

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