The story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza

Brian Heasley

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Publication Date: 25/07/2014

Brian and Tracy Heasley are two of the most remarkable leaders I've ever known and their story is a timeless testament to the power of answered prayer.
Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer

Every night for seven years, Brian and Tracy Heasley walked and prayed through Ibiza’s streets, chatting to clubbers, caring for those in danger, helping them home, befriending bar owners and prostitutes. Their remarkable story will inspire you to persist in prayer, giving practical and creative ways to show God’s love in your own community.

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More pubs, clubs and bars per square mile than almost anywhere else in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of young people, intent on having the best holiday possible. The beautiful island of Ibiza is often derided for the shocking scenes of excess, violence and incapacity that inevitably result.

24-7 Prayer took up the invitation, God’s call to go to the party island and pray. So Brian and Tracy Heasley went. For seven years, they walked and prayed around the walls of the San Antonio. And most nights, joined by young volunteers, they walked through the town, chatting to clubbers and offering prayer. Thousands said yes. Some knelt, some put their hands together, some shared deep worries and concerns. They helped people home, looked after those in danger of being robbed, and befriended all kinds of people, from bar owners to prostitutes. The familiar T-shirts of 24-7 Ibiza came to be regarded as a fourth emergency service.

Brian and Tracy’s story will inspire you to pray and show God’s love for your own community as you seek to express the gospel in whatever situation he has placed you.

This wee video will give you a flavour of that story.

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A note from Muddy Pearl

Brian is a master of understatement. One meeting, early on, he happened to mention prayer walking. I asked what he meant. He said — it was almost off-hand — that he and Tracy prayer walked around San Antonio roughly twice a week. ‘For how long, I asked?’ ‘All the time we were there,’ he said, simply, as if that was completely normal. ‘Even if Tracy or I were away, each team would do at least one prayer walk.’ At the time I was struggling to find time to prayer walk around our local area — I hadn’t managed it once in six months. For days afterwards I couldn’t get Brian’s words out of my head. Seven years! This is an incredible story of faithful prayer and our Lord’s faithful response — quietly understated, carefully accurate — think about it, savour it, allow it to sink in, and be truly, genuinely inspired …

Stephanie Heald

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Introduction: By Special Invitation
Chapter 1 : Sorry to interrupt your meeting
Chapter 2 : Gay man dancing
Chapter 3 : Prayer Walking
Chapter 4 : Dirty Places
Chapter 5 : Prayer Rooms
Chapter 6 : Street Prayer
Chapter 7 : Have you come to save my soul?
Chapter 8 : The vomit van
Chapter 9 : Angels
Chapter 10 : Don't give up
Chapter 11 : Secret histories


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About the author

Brian Heasley
Brian Heasley

Brian is International Prayer Director of 24-7 Prayer and has been part of the movement since it began. He is a gifted communicator with a passion for prayer, mission and justice. Together, Brian and his wife Tracy pioneered the remarkable work of 24-7 Prayer on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and lived there with their two teenage sons for seven years. The family now live in Norfolk and are involved in a Christian community there. Brian’s other passions are Liverpool football club, tapas and photography.

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