Born Free

A call to be still, know God and flourish in a hectic world

Katharine Hill


Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-914553-18-9
Publication Date: 23/06/2023

‘Rarely have I sensed, as I did with Born Free, that a book had been lived out in practice long before it was written out on paper. It is clearly the case that contemporary culture is craving silence, solitude and centredness. And here we have an invitation – indeed an initiation – into a life that is both inspiring and practical, spiritual and human, and beautiful in every way.’
Pete Greig, Founder of 24-7 Prayer International and Senior Pastor, Emmaus Rd Church

Life has never been busier. We become intensely focused on being productive, in a world that judges on performance. When we do that, we forget the things that are really important.

In this empowering book, Katharine Hill brings a wealth of experience and practical, wise advice on how to live freely and lightly. She helps us to find that elusive balance of living wisely with God at the centre while managing demands of family, work and relationships.

As we read about her deeply personal struggles and how she combats them, we can learn how to flourish ourselves. We can begin to be thankful for all aspects of our lives, and be joyful in all the work God calls us to do.

What does it mean to be ‘born free’? Can we hear the call to be still and know God? Can we really appreciate, even remotely, that we are citizens of God’s kingdom, and apply that assurance to the way we live? Or do we scurry around like the proverbial ant, anxious to earn our place, keeping our heads down under a heavy yoke of our own making? Might we instead draw a lesson from the lioness, adopt her posture of attentive stillness, and live, as Eugene Peterson put it so memorably, ‘freely and lightly’?

In this profoundly empowering book, Katharine Hill explores how we can experience the love of God more deeply and truly flourish even while fulfilling the considerable responsibilities of work, bringing up a family and the complex demands of contemporary life.

Bringing a wealth of experience from the corporate sphere, from representing the interests of the family to government, on national media and internationally; from working with families of every kind and, not least, from bringing up her own, Katharine Hill speaks directly from the heart. She pinpoints issues that are problematic in our society and offers practical guidance in navigating our distracting world while also learning to stop, be still, and make space for God’s redeeming work in our lives.

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Go to the Ant ...
Chapter 1 A simple question
Chapter 2 Making every second count
Chapter 3 A kairos moment
Chapter 4 The heart of the matter

Part Two : The Lioness on the horizon
12 lessons from the Plains

Chapter 5 Having nothing to prove
Chapter 6 Moving at the right speed
Chapter 7 Seeing in the dark
Chapter 8 Looking up
Chapter 9 Creating rhythms and routines
Chapter 10 Enjoying the things that bring life
Chapter 11 Being attentive in the moment
Chapter 12 Finding places of retreat
Chapter 13 Hunting and providing
Chapter 14 Taking time to rest
Chapter 15 Embracing the season
Chapter 16 Belonging to a pride
Chapter 17 Born free


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About the author

Katharine Hill
Katharine Hill

Katharine Hill LLB JP is UK Director at Care for the Family. She speaks and writes on family matters, is a regular author for The Huffington Post, and the author of several books. Katharine also leads on Care for the Family’s policy agenda representing the organisation at government level, and has practised as a family lawyer. She is married to Richard and they have four grown-up children and seven grandchildren.