Campus Lights

Luke Cawley


Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-1-910012-73-4
Publication Date: 30/05/2019

An eye-opening look at campus ministries around the globe – full of stories designed to inspire you, challenge you, and equip you, as you engage universities in your own contexts.
Tom Lin, President, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, USA

Drawing together incredible stories from every region of the globe, Campus Lights bears witness to the way that student mission is flourishing around the world today. In his journalistic, engaging style, Luke Cawley recounts how students are taking risks to share their faith, continuing the legacy of Jesus’ young disciples.

A meeting in a restaurant in Eastern Europe is suddenly interrupted by secret police. Public artworks are installed in a Guatemalan town to confront injustice perpetrated by gangs and government. A ministry begins in the Solomon Islands where none existed before. All this is the work of students and young people in their twenties – the very age of the disciples when Jesus handed over his ministry to them.

Drawing together incredible, gripping stories from different nationally-led student movements spanning every region of the globe – from North America to Romania, from movements with official recognition, to those persecuted to the point of being driven underground – Campus Lights explores how student mission not only survives, but flourishes across the world today.

Told in Cawley’s journalistic, diverse and engaging style, Campus Lights reveals how students and young people are taking risks to share their faith, continuing the legacy of Jesus’ young disciples as they went out into the world and changed nations.

Far more than a book on student mission, Campus Lights will inspire all leaders, encouraging them to take risks for the Kingdom in their own context, and showing how students and young people can be catalysts for change in our world.

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Chapter 1 : Secret Police
Chapter 2 : Dreams and Christmas Trees
Chapter 3 : Tombstones and Paintings
Chapter 4 : The Professor and The Performance
Chapter 5 : Businessmen and Emigrants
Chapter 6 : Missing Flags and Boneless Buckets
Chapter 7 : Hostile Placards and Empty Fuel Tanks
Conclusion : The Unreached Island
Appendix One : The IFES Doctrinal Basis
Appendix Two : Summary of Living Stones


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About the author

Luke Cawley
Luke Cawley

Luke Cawley is the Director of Chrysolis, a UK-based non-profit organization he helped start in 2012, with the aim of engaging a diverse range of people in conversation about the story of Jesus and his potential relevance for life today.

Luke previously spent many years in the United Kingdom and Romania working with the IFES movements there. Part of his focus was on planting and developing new missional communities on university campuses which previously lacked any collective Christian witness.

He has an MA in Evangelism & Leadership from Wheaton College in Illinois, and a Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies (concentrated in in Christian Apologetics) from Oxford University.

Luke is married to Whitney, and they have three young children: Jackson, Will and Amélie. They currently live in Bucharest, Romania, where they relocated in 2014. Luke continues, though, to make regular ministry visits to the US and his homeland of the United Kingdom, as well as numerous other countries.

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