David J Montgomery


DR DAVID J MONTGOMERY (MONTY) is Regional Secretary of IFES Europe, overseeing the university ministry in over 40 countries, from Greenland to Cyprus. Holding degrees in English Literature, Music and a doctorate in Ministry, he was a Presbyterian pastor in Ireland for many years before joining IFES. He is married to Gwen, who assists in his ministry. Monty enjoys crime fiction, cycling and the poetic football of Manchester City FC.


“'It was with great joy that I read the book that my colleague and friend Monty has prepared. His way of writing and presenting these devotionals is very special.'”

Ricardo BorgesIFES Secretary for Scripture Engagement

Monty’s book

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What does it really mean to be loved, loved by God? What does the love of God look like in our lives? And what difference does it make?

It changes absolutely everything, argues Jonny Gumbel. His fresh perspective on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans comes at a time when many feel lonely and bewildered, and are reeling from broken or strained relationships, disappointment with the church family and the loss of loved ones.

How desperately we all need to know, deep within, that we are loved by God … It is a chaotic age and I find my soul longing more and more for the shelter of God’s love and the anchorage of his word.
Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer

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That Gentle Whisper

A thundering from the skies? Or an inner knowing, a quiet certainty? Perhaps a verse seems to jump out as we’re reading the Bible. Is it too much to secretly hope for an audible whisper? What is ‘God’s voice’ actually like? And can we hope to ‘hear’ him today?

‘That Gentle Whisper’ is a beautifully written invitation to be a friend of God from one who is a friend of God.
Kate Patterson,
The Gift of Blessing Trust

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