Grant Smith

Grant graduated as a quantity surveyor in 1983. He has worked with international construction companies and managed his own consultancy practice in the UK for over thirty years. In the year 2000, Grant recognised an opportunity to undertake construction work in Kenya, commercially creating fairer pay and apprenticeship opportunities. He committed himself to finding sustainable solutions to help transform individuals and societies.

Today Grant is the CEO of Hand in Hand Group and a director of a Kenyan construction company. With a reputation for clean operations and fair deals, whilst challenging locally accepted business norms and implementing ethical practice to establish fair and safe working environments. Grant is professionally and personally committed to creating a commercial response to poverty.

Grant is the chair of Hand in Hand Foundation and is married to Sue and has three grown-up children.

“Grant Smith is a passionate man who in line with his faith combines risk taking and natural gifting and skills to change lives. His desire to do the will of God is evident, as are the fruits of his kingdom building life.”

Paul Szkilder
CEO Truestone Impact Investment Management  

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