Jill Weber

Jill Weber and her husband Kirk helped found the Greater Ontario House of Prayer in Canada, and she served as its Abbess for 17 years. They moved from Canada in 2018 and Jill is now Head of House of Prayer at Waverley Abbey and leads the Waverley Abbey Community. Jill serves on the international team of 24-7 Prayer, and is Global Convener of the Order of the Mustard Seed, a lay ecumenical religious order. She is a spiritual director, teacher and author and, together with her husband, attends Emmaus Road Church where Jill serves as Director of Prayer and Spiritual Formation.

“My friend Jill Weber manifests unbridled enthusiasm, childlike wonder and unpretentious courage. She is a pioneer who uniquely embodies ancient mystical wisdom, practical compassion and a heart for justice. Her story is a testament to how God can use the messy details of our lives to accomplish the extraordinary.”

Mark Scandrette
Author of Free; Belonging and Becoming; Practicing the Way of Jesus and The NineFold Path of Jesus

Jill’s books

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