Rosemary Hector

Rosemary Hector has had poetry published in New Writing Scotland, Chapman, by Dove Tales and Scottish PEN, and is the author of Knowing Grapes (HappenStance Press, 2014) and Labyrinth (Handsel Press, 2017).

Her book, Oren Leibowitz, Tuesday with illustrations by Kirralee Fisher won first prize at the Scottish Association of Writers’ Award for a self-published book in March 2019.

She is currently President of the Edinburgh Writers’ Group. She is interested in Scottish writing and visual art, textiles, travel and walking. Rosemary lives in Edinburgh with her husband, Alistair.

“Rosemary Hector’s A Quickening proved a welcome antidote to Rosetti’s gloom, her wit and lyric genius thrilling ever page. Her refreshing poems on St Matthew and St Luke’s birth narratives … are accompanied by pen-and-ink hand-drawn illustrations.”


Church Times 25 October 2019

Rosemary’s books

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