Solome Skaff

Solome Skaff holds a Master of Arts in Counselling from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Master of Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Edinburgh. He is a Licensed Professional Counsellor and has been working in restoration ministries since 2002.

Sol developed LifeCare Christian Coaching as a response to the growing demand for 1:1 care services, which he soon noticed was a worldwide trend.  His conviction that cultures of discipleship and care and can solve many problems before they become critical inspired him to deploy LifeCare in various locations across the United States, UK and Europe.

He has served as the Greater Europe Mission (GEM) Field Leader for Scotland and Northern England, and as a member of the GEM UK Leadership team. He has led care ministries for Hill Country Bible Church of Austin, and for Central Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He and Hillary, his wife, have gone on to create The Forward Foundation (501c3 charity), which provides counseling, coaching and coach equipping for churches and individuals locally, nationally and abroad. Their mission is to make faith-based, research-informed care and discipleship as common as a cup of coffee for everyone, everywhere.

“Sol is a man of great integrity who has a passion for releasing potential in people.”

Rich Robinson
Founder and Leader of Catalyse Change, Director of 5Q Collective

Solome’s books

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