God's purpose for your life and how it changes absolutely everything

Jonny Gumbel


Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-1-91455-327-1
Publication Date: 19/07/2024

In Called, Jonny gives us the principles and guidance we desperately need in order to make some of the most important decisions in our lives.
Archie Coates
Called is a refreshingly honest and humorous deep dive into God’s calling for each one of us. Written by Jonny Gumbel, Rector of Christ Church Rio and author of Loved, Called examines the stories of the characters whom God called in different ways, humanising them and giving us encouragement that we too can take up God’s call on our lives.
Was I made for a purpose? Am I ever going to do anything meaningful with my life? Or am I just some cosmic accident? These are important questions, asked by so many of us, especially during the lows of life. Deep down, we all crave to understand our purpose and to know that we are loved.

“Called” is delightfully reassuring answer to the question of purpose. With modest humour and genuine honesty, Jonny explores just how we can accept and appropriately respond to the unconditional and eternal love of God; how, as we embrace this divine love, we discover that God has a unique purpose for each of us. And more amazingly how, when we start acting upon God’s call, as we become more closely connected with our Saviour, we will feel more purposeful, more meaningful and more fulfilled.

Jonny uses the life journeys of various characters from the Bible and their individual stories of calling to show us how understanding and accepting God’s call can provide direction, purpose and fulfilment in life. Each chapter explores a different aspect of calling; the struggle to accept God’s call on our lives, the unhesitating acceptance of some, the stubborn refusal of others and the miraculous fruit that is produced when we submit to God.

No matter how insignificant you consider yourself to be, if you are drifting, feeling lost in your Christian life, “Called” is just what you need: a helpful and considered guide to uncovering God’s plan for you, and how to act when things feel unclear.

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Prologue: Loved and Called
1 Water-walking and White Benches: Peter
2 Doing, Being and Loving: Adam and Eve
3 Going: Abraham
4 Growing: Joseph
5 Drawing Near: Moses
6 Stepping Up and Stepping Out: Joshua
7 Building Up and Stripping Back: Gideon
8 Loving: Ruth
9 Listening: Samuel
10 Facing Problems and Taking Opportunities: David
11 Accepting Change and Getting Clarity: Nehemiah
12 Broken: Elijah
13 Silence: Esther
14 Pain: Isaiah
15 Disappointment: Jeremiah
16 Reluctance: Jonah
17 Overcoming Fear and Saying Yes: Mary
18 Facing Failure and Rediscovering Purpose: Peter
19 Meeting Jesus and Everything Changing: Paul
20 Going Again: The Great Commission


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About the author

Jonny Gumbel
Jonny Gumbel

Jonny Gumbel studied theology at Oriel College, Oxford and King’s College, London. He was part of the pioneering team which established the St Peter’s Brighton church plant, where he was Associate Vicar for over twelve years. He taught theology and preaching at St Mellitus College and is now Rector of Christ Church Rio. Jonny is married to Tara and they have four children.