Mark Greene

Mark Greene grew up Jewish and joyous, and celebrated becoming a Christian in his early twenties. He worked in advertising in London and New York, loved it, and is still prepared to admit it. He is Mission Champion at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and was Vice Principal of the London School of Theology. He speaks, tells stories, and writes, mainly on the joys, trials, and surprises of living all of life as a follower of Jesus in today’s world.

“Mark’s book offers us a beautiful revolution – what if all of us recognized our equality of calling, that God intends for all of us to be his missionaries right where we are: pastry-chef, plumber or party-planner.”

Rachel Gardner

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Click the logo to find out more about the organization or watch the video to hear more from Mark about our calling in the workplace.

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This book won’t try to get you to vote for a particular party. It isn’t going to try to get you to vote at all. Something far better. It’s going to show you that you could be voted for. That it could be your name on the ballot paper. Or that you could be working with someone whose name is, influencing your community more than you ever imagined.

A book that powerfully challenges our misconceptions about politics and asks us not to stand on the side lines and moan but to get involved.
Patrick Regan, OBE

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The Accidental Social Entrepreneur

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