Tim Hein

Tim Hein is Vice Principal and Director of Discipleship at Uniting College for Leadership and Theology in Adelaide, and Associate Lecturer on Spirituality and Discipleship at Flinders University, Australia. He is an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia and speaks and preaches regularly on the Christian faith. Tim has previously pastored a large regional church, lived in urban intentional and marginal communities in Melbourne, led an intentional young adult discipleship program, and established CitySoul, a congregation in the inner city of Adelaide.

He lives in Adelaide with his wife, Priscilla. He also co-hosts The Unmade Podcast with Brady Haran.

“Tim Hein writes as someone who has authority: the authority that comes from walking the long, hard road of trauma, survival and recovery.

Dr Peter Sidebotham
Paediatrician, Emeritus Professor of Child Health and Co-Editor of Child Abuse Review

Tim’s books

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