In the parable of the wise and foolish builders, we are reminded that storms come to the wise as well as the foolish, the faithful as well as the fickle. Christians aren’t immune from storms – they aren’t possibilities but promises.

In Luminous Dark, we are drawn into the personal journey of Alain Emerson – a wise, faithful follower of Jesus – as he walked through the darkest night of his soul. The writing is a mix of refreshing honesty and painful reality. It is hard to read at times yet almost impossible to put down. As I read, I was blown away by the depth, integrity and humility I found within. As I read, I was reminded of the need to approach my Saviour in all seasons of my life: joy and pain, light and darkness. And as I read, I was challenged by the strength of faith and the intimacy in prayer that I found within.

Luminous Dark is a must-read for anyone walking through a valley or experiencing a storm. In fact, it is a read for all Christians who want to ensure that their foundations are built on the rock when the floods come. I highly recommend!

About the Author

Rick Hill is the Discipleship Officer for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, a regular speaker at Carnmoney Presbyterian Church and leader at Central Belfast, and is part of the team pioneering the Cairn Learning Community in Northern Ireland. He is a dad and runs marathons in his spare time!