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None of Us Lives For Himself

Hudson Greig on 25th November 2020

At first glance, you might be justified in assuming that a book combining the stories of an 18th Century German Count and a technically detailed flight over Europe is, at best, appealing to a fairly niche subsection of readers. You might even feel justified in counting yourself out of that group. However, what Phil Anderson […]

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In the Press

on 13th March 2020

We have had a bumper week of press, with a review of our new fiction title Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke, a special review of Even the Sparrow by Jill Weber, and an article on our big year of events in 2019, all in Together Magazine. An article from Johannes Hartl, author of God […]

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Review: God Untamed

Dr Ben Pugh on 3rd March 2020

Johannes Hartl’s hours spent with God in prayer, matched by his evident desire that the world would know this glorious God of whom he so vividly writes, seeps into every syllable of this book. I say every syllable with good reason. Hartl demonstrates a poet’s longing for just the right word or phrase. Even via […]

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In the Press: God Untamed

on 26th February 2020

God Untamed is Muddy Pearl’s third translated book from German author Johannes Hartl, a challenging rejection of ‘feel-good’ Christianity which explores the deep crisis of faith that affects the Western world and calls us to rediscover a sense of wonder at who God truly is. This week God Untamed has appeared on the Premier blog in an opinion […]

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Campus Lights Review

Peter Grier on 29th July 2019

This review was originally posted on the Al-Jabr blog.  One of the things I love about travel, is the stories one hears from people from all sorts of backgrounds. From adventure stories that thrill us as we start to wonder where truth stops and fiction starts, to heart-breaking tales of messy reality that leave us […]

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A broken Hallelujah: Understanding Sexual Abuse

Donna Hofstra, Counsellor on 9th April 2018

Tim Hein speaks with authority as he draws on research findings, his personal experience and the personal experience of his wife Priscilla, herself a child sex abuse survivor. He shares from his own Christian faith in his role as a church leader. The author essentially outlines how we can best support abuse survivors through their […]

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‘A courageous gift’

Jenny Cornfield on 16th March 2018

‘This book is a courageous gift,’ writes Debra Hirsch in the Foreword to Tim Hein’s powerful book, ‘Understanding Sexual Abuse’. A courageous gift indeed; one of those books that the reader will feel privileged to have read and learnt from.  Drawing on his own expertise as a church minster and the personal experience of his […]

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Understanding Sexual Abuse

Justin Humphreys on 13th March 2018

Understanding Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Ministry Leaders and Survivors is an informative and sensitive book which considers sexual abuse in a Christian context. Tim Hein is in active ministry in a local church and what is most distinctive about this book, in my opinion, is its combination of insights from survivors’ experiences of abuse and […]

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Review: Understanding Sexual Abuse by Tim Hein

Salome Skaff on 14th February 2018

I love the esteem that Tim Hein holds the church in – a place where people teach, model and learn deep truths about life and purpose. Because of this esteem, he holds the church to a high standard when it comes to protecting and ministering to abuse survivors. As such, this book is an invaluable […]

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CLC International Book Review: Luminous Dark

Eddie Olliffe on 21st December 2017

Luminous Dark is, perhaps, the best Christian book that I have read this year.  Finding a book that deals with the ‘painful journey of being transformed by the love of God through suffering’ is quite difficult. We live in a Christian culture that looks too much on the side of triumphalism, than at those deep places […]

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