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Campus Lights Review

Peter Grier on 29th July 2019

This review was originally posted on the Al-Jabr blog.  One of the things I love about travel, is the stories one hears from people from all sorts of backgrounds. From adventure stories that thrill us as we start to wonder where truth stops and fiction starts, to heart-breaking tales of messy reality that leave us […]

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A broken Hallelujah: Understanding Sexual Abuse

Donna Hofstra, Counsellor on 9th April 2018

Tim Hein speaks with authority as he draws on research findings, his personal experience and the personal experience of his wife Priscilla, herself a child sex abuse survivor. He shares from his own Christian faith in his role as a church leader. The author essentially outlines how we can best support abuse survivors through their […]

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‘A courageous gift’

Jenny Cornfield on 16th March 2018

‘This book is a courageous gift,’ writes Debra Hirsch in the Foreword to Tim Hein’s powerful book, ‘Understanding Sexual Abuse’. A courageous gift indeed; one of those books that the reader will feel privileged to have read and learnt from.  Drawing on his own expertise as a church minster and the personal experience of his […]

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Understanding Sexual Abuse

Justin Humphreys on 13th March 2018

Understanding Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Ministry Leaders and Survivors is an informative and sensitive book which considers sexual abuse in a Christian context. Tim Hein is in active ministry in a local church and what is most distinctive about this book, in my opinion, is its combination of insights from survivors’ experiences of abuse and […]

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Review: Understanding Sexual Abuse by Tim Hein

Salome Skaff on 14th February 2018

I love the esteem that Tim Hein holds the church in – a place where people teach, model and learn deep truths about life and purpose. Because of this esteem, he holds the church to a high standard when it comes to protecting and ministering to abuse survivors. As such, this book is an invaluable […]

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CLC International Book Review: Luminous Dark

Eddie Olliffe on 21st December 2017

Luminous Dark is, perhaps, the best Christian book that I have read this year.  Finding a book that deals with the ‘painful journey of being transformed by the love of God through suffering’ is quite difficult. We live in a Christian culture that looks too much on the side of triumphalism, than at those deep places […]

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Book Review: Luminous Dark

Rick Hill on 11th December 2017

In the parable of the wise and foolish builders, we are reminded that storms come to the wise as well as the foolish, the faithful as well as the fickle. Christians aren’t immune from storms – they aren’t possibilities but promises. In Luminous Dark, we are drawn into the personal journey of Alain Emerson – […]

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CLC International Book Review: Left to Their Own Devices?

Eddie Olliffe on 12th October 2017

‘Left to Their Own Devices?’ is a really good book. I don’t say that very often! It’s also a very sane book! My children are in their 30s. When they were young, the Internet hardly existed and a screen, such as they were, was primarily the television. So this book is such an important title, […]

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6 ways to take back control of your smartphone in 2017

on 12th January 2017

Looking for a new year’s resolution you can actually achieve? Guy Brandon has got you covered. It’s that time of year when people make resolutions to live better lives. Perhaps you’re looking for ones that will make a real difference rather than the token efforts of previous years? Or perhaps, like me, you’ve decided that […]

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‘The Guilt Book’ by Will Van der Hart and Rob Waller

Reviewed by Emily Ackerman on 13th August 2014

The undoubted strength of The Guilt Book lies in the collaboration between its two authors. Rob Waller is a consultant psychiatrist and Will van der Hart is an experienced pastor, and they combine clear Christian theology with the latest psychological principles to offer balanced and practical advice. The authors handle the problem of guilt with honesty, compassion, humour […]

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