Lead is now out!

A month ago, with a handful of advance copies, we asked a few people – people who have direct first-hand experience of Karl Martin’s leadership, i.e those who know his weaknesses, who will spot an inaccuracy a mile off, who will see an exaggerated story as an opportunity for merciless ribbing – we asked them to give us an honest opinion on Karl’s new book. We’re posting their thoughts in full here, one at a time.


(And do send us your own review, if you would like to. We are loving the feedback.)

Today’s review of Lead comes from Pam, a member of Central Church, Edinburgh.


Having been involved in the church that Karl leads in Edinburgh from before he arrived, a lot of the themes in this book are very familiar but, of course, they remain as important as ever. Based on the closing chapters of John, it is clear that Karl has delved into Scripture for the thoughts that he presents, so that this is not just a good management and leadership handbook – it is a study on God’s approach to good and godly leadership. Karl is engagingly open and honest about things that have not worked in his own leadership and where he has struggled, and I found that level of vulnerability to be particularly helpful.

This is an easy and accessible read – and a book that once read can be dipped into again and again. The pen line drawings and diagrams and useful headings make it easy to find one’s way round it and it will become, I am sure, a useful reference point for all future leaders.


Lead can be purchased by clicking here.