We just love Karl’s handwritten notes and drawings dotted throughout Lead and think they really bring his message to life.

Here is a short extract from the book, alongside one of those beautiful illustrations:

As long as your address is ‘The Vine’ you will bear fruit. So stop striving and driving and start abiding.
Get a dog.
We did, a spaniel. Ash brings much joy and mischief to the Martin house but she brings one thing above anything else. The discipline of the walk. Alone. The hill, the dawn, the silence. God and I. Every day. No phone, no notebook, just me and God … and Ash.
Truth monkeys: get a dog. And drop some stuff – stop some activity – lose some responsibility. The load you carry is more than you are supposed to carry. That’s why you feel so tired.

Imagine there are four bags, labelled:

God’s’, ‘Somebody Else’s’, ‘Nobody’s’, ‘Mine’.

Now empty out your own bag and look at everything that you have been carrying. Ask three questions:

  • What is someone else’s to carry? Give it away.
  • What is God’s to carry? Offer it up to him.
  • What is no one’s to carry? Stop it now.

Now pick up your bag and carry it well, Truth Monkey.


Lead can be purchased by clicking here.