Lead is now out!

A month ago, with a handful of advance copies, we asked a few people – people who have direct first-hand experience of Karl Martin’s leadership, i.e those who know his weaknesses, who will spot an inaccuracy a mile off, who will see an exaggerated story as an opportunity for merciless ribbing – we asked them to give us an honest opinion on Karl’s new book. We’re posting their thoughts in full here, one at a time.


And do send us your own review, if you would like to. We are loving the feedback.

Today’s review of Lead comes from Steve, who is a teacher and on the eldership team at Central, Edinburgh.


I think Lead is a helpful articulation of how to lead, based on principles found in the bible, particularly John’s gospel. It is important that every generation reiterates truth for this place and this time, and Karl Martin’s perceptive eye on Scripture as well as culture means the principles apply very relevantly. Applied more so due to his own experience. These are truths that have been fought and won on his own battlefields. He uses cultural markers fluently yet challenges popular perceptions of leadership: This is not leadership for a fleeting moment of personal glory but leadership for God, for others and for a life time.

I found the principles were brought down to earth through personal experience. The author makes himself vulnerable in his honesty. This honesty captures some of the atmosphere of John’s gospel. This vulnerability captures what it means to take up one’s cross. This one of my biggest challenges. Am I this vulnerable with those I lead?

Apart from this huge challenging take away, I find myself challenged to articulate what God has me here for. What is the plan for me here and now if God wants to use me to lead others into leadership?


Lead can be purchased by clicking here.