The Unfinished Story

Thirty Days in Luke and Acts

David J Montgomery


Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781914553165
Publication Date: 18/08/2023

Like the ministry of IFES, this devotional centres on Jesus and his ongoing work. IFES insiders and strangers alike will be blessed by insights from Scripture, stories from students, and prayers from global IFES staff
Walter Kim, President of the National Association of Evangelicals

Thirty days of devotions drawn from Luke and Acts, published to celebrate and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the work of IFES, a global fellowship that has promoted and encouraged gospel ministry among students across the world since 1947.

Each day we are encouraged to read and engage deeply with a passage of Scripture, and then to respond with a prayer from the global IFES community. “The Wider Story” sketches out the story between the daily readings, drawing out themes of mission and discipleship in the early church, and how they still apply today. Finally we are invited to meditate on a psalm to bring the day’s devotion to a close.

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There is a story, one that runs from the beginning of creation itself, through thousands of years of human history. It is a story of triumphs and disasters, miraculous deeds and terrible betrayals, divine justice and ultimate sacrifice, and of steadfast faith continuing down through generations and across continents to the present day. This is a story that is still going on, and will be finished only at the end of time. The story of IFES is now 75 years long, and there have been many incredible adventures along the way, just as there are in the books of Luke and Acts.

In these 30 days of devotions, we can zoom in on a very important part of the Christian story, and use the lessons it teaches to strengthen our faith and enhance our evangelism. Each day there is an opportunity to dig deeper into the main themes that Luke uses to build his narrative of Christ and the church; pray into the issues Jesus and his apostles faced that we also see in our lives today; reflect on the passage and respond to its teachings; explore ‘the wider story’ and the context; and finally, to meditate on an ‘evening psalm’, to recentre and bring us back to God after the busyness of our day.

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DAY 1: The Promise – Luke 1:1–4, 26–56
DAY 2: Good News for Everyone – Luke 2:1–21
DAY 3: Rejected at Home – Luke 4:14–30
DAY 4: Surprising Faith – Luke 7:1–17
DAY 5: Doubting – Luke 7:18–35
DAY 6: Who’s Feeding You? – Luke 9:10–27
DAY 7: Pride & Prejudice – Luke 9:43–56; 10:25–37
DAY 8: Mission Impossible? – Luke 10:1–24
DAY 9: Counting the Cost – Luke 14:7–35
DAY 10: Lost & Found – Luke 15:1–32
DAY 11: Too Proud? Too Rich? – Luke 18:9–30
DAY 12: A Strange Kind of King – Luke 19:28–44
DAY 13: ‘I Don’t Know Him’ – Luke 22:39–62
DAY 14: Dying Well – Luke 23:26–56
DAY 15: A New Day – Luke 24:1–35
DAY 16: Go! – Acts 1:1–11
DAY 17: A New Power – Acts 2:1–47
DAY 18: We Can’t Keep it to Ourselves – Acts 4:1–31
DAY 19: Reality Check! – Acts 5:1–11
DAY 20: Mission & Martyrdom – Acts 6:8 – 7:8, 44–60
DAY 21: In the Revival and in the Desert – Acts 8:1–8, 26–40
DAY 22: People Can Change! – Acts 9:1–19
DAY 23: No one is Unclean – Acts 10:1 – 11:4
DAY 24: No Barriers – Acts 15:1–29
DAY 25: Extreme Worship – Acts 16:11–40
DAY 26: In the Marketplace – Acts 17:16–34
DAY 27: Take Courage – Acts 18:1–17
DAY 28: An Emotional Goodbye – Acts 20:17–38
DAY 29: A Clear Testimony – Acts 26:1–32
DAY 30: The Gospel is Not Chained! – Acts 28:11–31
The IFES Story So Far


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About the author

David J Montgomery
David J Montgomery

DR DAVID J MONTGOMERY (MONTY) is Regional Secretary of IFES Europe, overseeing the university ministry in over 40 countries, from Greenland to Cyprus. Holding degrees in English Literature, Music and a doctorate in Ministry, he was a Presbyterian pastor in Ireland for many years before joining IFES. He is married to Gwen, who assists in his ministry. Monty enjoys crime fiction, cycling and the poetic football of Manchester City FC.