The Accidental Social Entrepreneur Ebook

Grant Smith


Pages: 280
ISBN: 978-1-910012-51-2
Publication Date: 30/04/2019

The remarkable story of one gutsy contractor’s determination to end poverty in Africa

Grant Smith is a problem solver. When confronted with the poverty he witnessed in Africa, he did the only thing he knew how – business. Both humorous and realistic, Smith tells of his successes and failures with diverse projects, challenging us to consider how we might use the resources we have been given to change lives.

Format: Ebook

Grant Smith is not an enthusiastic missionary. He’s a problem-solver. When confronted with the desperate problems of poverty he witnessed in Africa, he did the only thing he knew how – business. Business that would provide jobs and pay people enough so that they would not have to rely on charity to send their kids to school, so that none would be forced to live in a tin shed without water, electricity, sewerage, or dignity, fighting off the threat of pneumonia every time it rained. His venture led to a great challenge: become the biggest housebuilder in Kenya.

Both humorous and realistic, Smith tells of his successes and failures with projects as diverse as growing oil crops, a road building scheme, house building, and selling old petrol pumps. With faith in God’s provision—and a little bewilderment—Smith wrestles with difficulties that every entrepreneur knows too well: finding investment funding only to lose it again, acquiring trustworthy business partners, confronting bribery and bureaucracy, corruption and culture. He is not the biggest house builder in Kenya – yet – but Smith has stumbled on a near-miraculous way of unlocking long-term financial provision for local Christian charities.

For those who dream of making a difference for communities affected by poverty, this story is inspiring and thought-provoking. It encourages readers to see how ordinary people have been created for a purpose and have the potential to facilitate miracles. The Accidental Social Entrepreneur is a real challenge to consider how we might use the gifts and resources we have been given to change lives.

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The bit before the books begins
Chapter 1 : Pinheads and poverty
Chapter 2 : The answer is - I can do something
Chapter 3 : We are doing everything we can
Chapter 4 : So what makes a good business?
Chapter 5 : You need help
Chapter 6 : I've got an idea
Chapter 7 : How to choose your people
Chapter 8 : Pumps
Chapter 9 : The case against Jet Rover Farm
Chapter 10 : No bribes please, we're pastors
Chapter 11 : A waster paper bin at Euston Station
Chapter 12 : Let's build
Chapter 13 : So where next?
Chapter 14 : God can be trusts (but he doesn't half make it hard at times)


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About the author

Grant Smith
Grant Smith

Grant graduated as a quantity surveyor in 1983. He has worked with international construction companies and managed his own consultancy practice in the UK for over thirty years. In the year 2000, Grant recognised an opportunity to undertake construction work in Kenya, commercially creating fairer pay and apprenticeship opportunities. He committed himself to finding sustainable solutions to help transform individuals and societies.

Today Grant is the CEO of Hand in Hand Group and a director of a Kenyan construction company. With a reputation for clean operations and fair deals, whilst challenging locally accepted business norms and implementing ethical practice to establish fair and safe working environments. Grant is professionally and personally committed to creating a commercial response to poverty.

Grant is the chair of Hand in Hand Foundation and is married to Sue and has three grown-up children.

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