We live in the age of Corona paradoxes:


I’m bored
I’m busy
I’m frightened
I’ve not got time to think

I must stay home to save lives
I must leave home to save lives

I feel guilty as I sit enjoying the afternoon sun in my garden
I feel frustrated as I stare from my apartment window
I feel overwhelmed by the size of the challenge I face
I feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of sameness

I’ve furloughed people
I’ve fired people
I’ve hired people
I’ve a staff shortage

I’ve talked to my family more than I ever did when we met face-to-face
If I make one more video call, my eyes will melt
If I make one more phone call, my voice will give up
I’ve not touched or seen another human being in a month

I’ve a fever
I’ve a cough
I’ve difficulty breathing
I’m completely fine


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