As we experience ‘Lockdown’ because of the Coronavirus, an encouragement has been the blackbirds’ song. The apple tree, resplendent with blossom has filled the view from my bedroom window. There, amongst the branches, blackbirds sing their hearts out. No matter how I feel the blossoms are beautiful and the birds keep singing.

Life has slowed and quietened down; I am more aware than ever before of nature all around me praising God. This is how it was intended it to be.

Look around! David declares ‘the heavens rejoice and the fields are jubilant because of his faithfulness’ (Psalm 96:11-12). ‘God’s creation speaks of his eternal power and glory, wisdom and strength’ (Job 96:11-12).

Look up! Jesus urges us to notice the birds of the air and ponder his marvellous works. He provides for them every day: the heron fishing in the neighbour’s ornamental pond, the plump wood pigeons munching on the sprouting apple seeds and the little red faced goldfinch at the window feeder.

Look down! Consider the wild flowers. Admire their beauty, their variety, their colours: the crimson tipped daisies in the uncut grass, carpets of bluebells sheltering under the trees and yellow marsh marigolds rising among the pond reeds. Perhaps my favourite is the forget-me-not, small and dainty, perfectly formed, perfectly marked, flowering freely in our back lane.

Amazing that God would take such care, give such attention to the detail of tiny wild flowers which are here today and gone tomorrow. Yet, they are his special creation. They are not planted by man! They’re wild – many unseen by us as they spring forth in the desert or on remote mountain slopes far from human habitation. God enjoys his floral creation. He wants us to enjoy it too.

Could this really be the answer to worry – God’s antidote to anxiousness (Matthew 6:25-34. Luke 12:22-32)? The message seems to be:

Don’t be afraid, don’t be anxious. It’s your Father’s joy to care and provide for you. Look how he feeds the birds and lavishly clothes the flowers. You are worth so much more to him. How can he forget you?

The Lord wants to romance us with bird song and the blossoms of springtime (Song of Songs 2:12). So, receive freely and give freely and you will be emotionally healthy – beautiful inside and out.

About the Author

Lenna, originally from Kirkcaldy, met her husband Julyan at Bible college in Glasgow and spent 15 years church planting in Turkey. On return to Scotland she wrote about their experiences in her book, You Will See Hoopoes. A further 12 years were spent co-ordinating OM’s ministry in Western and Central Asia and editing the magazine Along the Silk Road. Now, based in Glasgow, Lenna has worked as pastor’s wife, Turkish interpreter and ESOL teacher. Their present role is entitled Ambassadors for OM’s Muslim Ministries which involves training and representing internationally. Locally, Lenna serves with asylum seekers and refugees and relaxes with crochet and ribbon embroidery.