We live in the age of Corona paradoxes:


I’m bored
I’m busy
I’m frightened
I’ve not got time to think

I must stay home to save lives
I must leave home to save lives

I feel guilty as I sit enjoying the afternoon sun in my garden
I feel frustrated as I stare from my apartment window
I feel overwhelmed by the size of the challenge I face
I feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of sameness

I’ve furloughed people
I’ve fired people
I’ve hired people
I’ve a staff shortage

I’ve talked to my family more than I ever did when we met face-to-face
If I make one more video call, my eyes will melt
If I make one more phone call, my voice will give up
I’ve not touched or seen another human being in a month

I’ve a fever
I’ve a cough
I’ve difficulty breathing
I’m completely fine


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About the Author

Revd Dr Tom Wilson is Director of the St Philip’s Centre, a Christian foundation interfaith training Centre based in Leicester. He is interested in helping people grow and develop their leadership skills and self awareness, as well as in building stronger relationships within and between communities.Twenty years ago, he studied Japanese at University, and is taking advantage of lockdown to try and re-learn some Japanese again.