Words from Muddy Pearl - Reflections

Blossoms and Blackbirds

Lenna Lidstone on 20th May 2020

As we experience ‘Lockdown’ because of the Coronavirus, an encouragement has been the blackbirds’ song. The apple tree, resplendent with blossom has filled the view from my bedroom window. There, amongst the branches, blackbirds sing their hearts out. No matter how I feel the blossoms are beautiful and the birds keep singing. Life has slowed […]

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Finding the opportunities in uncertain times

Emily Ackerman on 16th March 2020

Our shower is getting old and eccentric. When I turn it on the water quickly turns hot, then once I get in, it goes cold. On a good day, after a minute or two it heaves a sigh and turns hot again. Otherwise it stays cold. This morning I tried a new strategy. I hopped […]

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What I’ve learned about relationships

Mark Greene on 3rd July 2018

Mark Greene, author of Probably the Best Idea in the World, reflects on 7 things he has learned about relationships. 1. I’m not nearly as good at them as I used to think I was. And I’m not being self-deprecating. Ask my children. Ask my friends. Don’t ask my co-workers. 2. Love is the key […]

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The Problem with Love

Mark Greene on 3rd July 2018

The problem with love is that you just can’t escape its often inconvenient but ultimately liberating demands. Just when you think it’s only about romantic intoxication, abandonment to the ‘One’, caring for your brilliant friends, honouring your embarrassing parents and your sparkling/lose-the-will-to-live lecturers, reaching out to those in need, handing out flipflops to worse-for-wearing-high-heelers at […]

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Finding Beauty on the Streets of Ibiza

Kathryn Ritchie on 8th March 2018

Ibiza is a place where God is moving powerfully. There is never a doubt that God will show up in a situation. We have seen His miracles time and time again in our work – whether that be miraculously finding someone’s hotel, watching a person instantly sober up, or getting the chance to pray for […]

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Still Small Voice in the Desert

Stephanie Heald on 10th May 2016

I am writing in a little white house off a truck road on the border between two Gulf States. Over the garden wall, tips of palm branches reach up towards a cloudless sky. The house is monastically bare – shipping is delayed – just a few sticks of second-hand furniture, no familiar comforts. And No […]

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God’s Lavish Love

Kate Patterson on 4th May 2016

Six years ago, I was pulling on wellies, ready to tramp through a squelchy field to speak at the early morning New Wine Bible studies on these verses: The Lord bless you and keep you The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you The Lord lift up the light of […]

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