We look at the world and there are so many problems and we think we can’t do anything. I wrote the book because that’s wrong. We can do something.

On Thursday 18th July, we had our Scottish launch of Grant Smith’s The Accidental Social Entrepreneur at Blackwells Edinburgh. It was a brilliant evening, following on from the success of the sold-out launch of LifeCare by Solome Skaff at Blackwells in May.

Grant spoke on how ordinary people can make a difference in the world through their individual skills and abilities and through their treatment of people, and the contribution business can make to alleviating poverty.

In life, not just business, we need to think of the consequences of our actions and how we treat people. Whatever your area is – where do you have influence? Where can you make change?

Heather Gregg from OASIS Edinburgh took audio recordings of the evening, which are available to listen to below.

Interview and Reading:




Thanks to all who came along!