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CLC International Book Review: Luminous Dark

Eddie Olliffe on 21st December 2017

Luminous Dark is, perhaps, the best Christian book that I have read this year.  Finding a book that deals with the ‘painful journey of being transformed by the love of God through suffering’ is quite difficult. We live in a Christian culture that looks too much on the side of triumphalism, than at those deep places […]

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On writing ‘Pyjamas’

Emily Ackerman on 13th August 2014

When I was ill and disabled, people often mentioned this promise to me. I always found it hard to rise to the idea. Frankly, it seemed that the illness was more prosperous than I was. But Scripture is Scripture, so I filed it under ‘Maybe I’ll understand this one day’. As I’ve recently recovered, I […]

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“Stand” by Karl Martin

Reviewed by Emma Boyd on 21st March 2014

When I first heard Karl Martin preach, I was sitting in a cold marquee at CLAN Gathering.  He didn’t mince his words then and he hasn’t started to now.  By his own admission his new book, Stand, is a provocation to encounter the risen Jesus and have him transform your life. For that is Martin’s […]

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