We have had a bumper week of press, with a review of our new fiction title Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke, a special review of Even the Sparrow by Jill Weber, and an article on our big year of events in 2019, all in Together Magazine. An article from Johannes Hartl, author of God Untamed, was featured on the Theology Corner Blog, a feature on our event with Jill Weber at GLO Bookshop Motherwell appeared in The Motherwell Times, another feature of Even the Sparrow appeared in Wider World magazine and our second new fiction title The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke was featured in Books from Scotland.

Here are a few snippets …


Review: Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke – Together Magazine

“This is a superbly-written book. Gohlke’s strong, descriptive writing immerses the reader, the plot develops with several unexpected twists and turns, and it’s one of not very many novels which has made me cry … This novel is one of two with which Muddy Pearl are making their entrance to fiction publishing, and it’s a superb debut for them.”

Reviewed by Anne Rogers in The Fiction Files. Stay tuned for the full review coming to Anne’s blog on 20th March.


Review: Even the Sparrow by Jill Weber – Together Magazine

“If you are looking for a book that will change you, commission you and challenge you in your faith and prayer life (outside of the Bible), this is it. It’s a book that should turn any well-meaning intentions about prayer and serving others into practical, life-long worship of God. It’s an exciting read, grounded in biblical truth and wisdom and is sure to reignite a desire to pray more, pray longer, pray regularly, pray earnestly, pray everywhere and pray anywhere. Create space for God and expect the unexpected. This is the life that Jill models for us all as she looks to Jesus and reaches out to others.”

Reviewed by Ruth Clemence in The Big Review Extra. You can find the full review on Facebook.


Feature: God Untamed by Johannes Hartl – Theology Corner

An extract from God Untamed on the theme of ‘The Fear of the Lord’ responding to the question ‘What is reverent fear, and why does it make Christians feel uncomfortable?’ was hosted on the Theology Corner Blog.


Feature: The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke – Books from Scotland

An extract from The Medallion appeared in the Books From Scotland March edition, responding to the theme of ‘Generations’ – books on the past, present and future.


Feature: A Big Year of Events for Muddy Pearl – Together Magazine


Feature: Jill Weber at GLO Bookshop – The Motherwell Times

A special thanks to Andrew Lacey for this feature.


Feature: Jill Weber reflection – Wider World