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The Latest Musings from Muddy Pearl and Friends

Putting Parents in the Picture: Katharine Hill Interview, War Cry

Claire Brine on 13th November 2017

In her book Left to Their Own Devices?, the UK director of Care for the Family, Katharine Hill, aims to help parents feel confident about raising their children in the digital age. She tells me about the concerns that led her to write it: ‘Smartphones and online devices are good in that we use them to […]

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CLC International Book Review: Left to Their Own Devices?

Eddie Olliffe on 12th October 2017

‘Left to Their Own Devices?’ is a really good book. I don’t say that very often! It’s also a very sane book! My children are in their 30s. When they were young, the Internet hardly existed and a screen, such as they were, was primarily the television. So this book is such an important title, […]

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Book Review: Left to Their Own Devices?

Andy Harding on 21st June 2017

As both a youth worker and a parent I highly recommend this book. For anyone struggling to fully understand what their children are up to for those endless hours on their phone, tablet and computer (or dare I say all three at once?!) – this book is for you! Like many other parents bringing my […]

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Exam season: help your teens take control of their screens

Katharine Hill on 14th June 2017

Parenting teens through exams? Need some wisdom and calm? Katharine Hill, UK Director of Care for the Family, brings some timely advice. I had a couple of London meetings and so had seized the opportunity to stay overnight with an old friend. Despite my protestations that sleeping on the sofa would be fine, her teenage […]

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Leadership: The Model is Jesus

on 7th June 2017

Who is your greatest hero? Who do you admire, secretly? If you could choose to be anyone in the world, who would it be? I would love to be Aragon! In my fantasy world, Tolkein’s brooding, tormented hero … is me. I may have less hair, my six pack might be hidden and I can’t […]

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Could you live without your smartphone?

Guy Brandon on 7th June 2017

‘If you want a definition of water, don’t ask a fish’, goes the Chinese proverb. We’re so used to the web and our smartphones being part of our lives that we barely question how they affect us any more. A lot of the time, we use them so instinctively and reflexively that we don’t realise […]

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How do I Pray for the World?

Brian Heasley on 5th June 2017

Ever since I was a boy, I have been fascinated with the planet that we live on. I remember as a child, my father’s friend moved to be a missionary in Brazil. Each night before we went to bed we would pray for him, and the people he loved and served. As I grew older, […]

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Some broken words. For Manchester.

on 23rd May 2017

I visited our student son in Manchester three weeks ago. He, (being child number 4) hasn’t been quite so indulged with parental visits as our other student children – this was a first since dropping him off in September, that day we abandoned him to that rather bleak hall of residence in Fallowfield. Well, this boy is a planner, […]

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Reviews: Guy Brandon’s Digitally Remastered in the Church Times.

Bryony Taylor, CT reviewer on 17th April 2017

IN THE first chapter of his book, Guy Brandon says: “this isn’t a book about the internet or technology. It is about power and how that impacts our freedom as Christians.” The theme of power runs throughout this helpful guide to some of the current issues to be faced in living faithfully as Christians in […]

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Lead – Shepherding is about love

on 14th February 2017

Lead is now out! A month ago, with a handful of advance copies, we asked a few people – people who have direct first-hand experience of Karl Martin’s leadership, i.e those who know his weaknesses, who will spot an inaccuracy a mile off, who will see an exaggerated story as an opportunity for merciless ribbing – […]

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