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The Latest Musings from Muddy Pearl and Friends

A Way of Life That Works

Jill Weber on 14th January 2020

Daniel sits on the commuter train to London, he balances his laptop on his knees, scrolls through his schedule and the 50 emails that have come in since yesterday, and sighs. Life is busy and feels overwhelming. He feels caught in a swirl, a slave to circumstances and other people’s expectations. You ‘should’ do this. […]

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Launch Events: A Quickening

on 5th December 2019

It’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas with these frosty mornings here in Edinburgh. To celebrate the release of ‘A Quickening’ by Rosemary Hector, the perfect accompaniment for the Advent period, we have some brilliant launch events lined up in Scotland to get into the festive mood! Join us for evenings of poetry, music, […]

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Launch Events: Even the Sparrow

on 23rd September 2019

Muddy Pearl are delighted to be launching something every special from Jill Weber, Director of Houses of Prayer for 24-7 Prayer and Founder of the Greater Ontario House of Prayer, Canada. October sees the official release of her book Even the Sparrow: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Prayer, Trust and Following the Leader, Jill’s incredible story of building […]

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Grant Smith at Blackwells

on 6th August 2019

We look at the world and there are so many problems and we think we can’t do anything. I wrote the book because that’s wrong. We can do something. On Thursday 18th July, we had our Scottish launch of Grant Smith’s The Accidental Social Entrepreneur at Blackwells Edinburgh. It was a brilliant evening, following on […]

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Campus Lights Review

Peter Grier on 29th July 2019

This review was originally posted on the Al-Jabr blog.  One of the things I love about travel, is the stories one hears from people from all sorts of backgrounds. From adventure stories that thrill us as we start to wonder where truth stops and fiction starts, to heart-breaking tales of messy reality that leave us […]

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Muddy Pearl at Refuel 2019

on 10th July 2019

We are delighted to announce we will be at Refuel this year in the beautiful Gordon Castle Estate, Fochabers from 21st-27th July! We have a brilliant programme lined up, with author talks, a reading spa, book ‘tasting’, seminars on publishing and so much more. Catch us at the Orangery throughout the week. View our full programme here: Muddy […]

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What I Like About ‘Simply Pray’

Jill Weber on 16th January 2019

I don’t like book reviews that assess and evaluate.  I’m not well read or intelligent enough to cast judgement on other authors.  Plus, I always assume when I read a book that there will be things that I agree with, and things I don’t.  And I learn just as much from my moments of resistance […]

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What I’ve learned about relationships

Mark Greene on 3rd July 2018

Mark Greene, author of Probably the Best Idea in the World, reflects on 7 things he has learned about relationships. 1. I’m not nearly as good at them as I used to think I was. And I’m not being self-deprecating. Ask my children. Ask my friends. Don’t ask my co-workers. 2. Love is the key […]

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The Problem with Love

Mark Greene on 3rd July 2018

The problem with love is that you just can’t escape its often inconvenient but ultimately liberating demands. Just when you think it’s only about romantic intoxication, abandonment to the ‘One’, caring for your brilliant friends, honouring your embarrassing parents and your sparkling/lose-the-will-to-live lecturers, reaching out to those in need, handing out flipflops to worse-for-wearing-high-heelers at […]

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A broken Hallelujah: Understanding Sexual Abuse

Donna Hofstra, Counsellor on 9th April 2018

Tim Hein speaks with authority as he draws on research findings, his personal experience and the personal experience of his wife Priscilla, herself a child sex abuse survivor. He shares from his own Christian faith in his role as a church leader. The author essentially outlines how we can best support abuse survivors through their […]

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