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The Latest Musings from Muddy Pearl and Friends

Muddy Pearl launches first fiction titles

on 17th September 2020

Muddy Pearl are delighted to be launching our first fiction titles, with two new books from historical fiction author Cathy Gohlke, set during WWII. The Medallion and Secrets She Kept will be released next week and are now available for pre-order!

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Grant Smith on 14th September 2020

In The Accidental Social Entrepreneur I explain how Hand in Hand the Charity began – here’s a snippet… This is how Hand in Hand began in Africa and today supports 3,000 children year on year. Would all of that happened without the jumpers, I can’t actually say, but those hundred odd-shaped jumpers have had a significant […]

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Affordable Housing

Grant Smith on 1st September 2020

Making houses available for the poorest in the world is a challenge, not because we can’t build small quality houses, but how we do that commercially, and facilitate the poorest to buy them when they have no formal income. You see, who will lend to a person who doesn’t have a wage slip to prove […]

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The view from the editorial desk

Stephanie Heald on 27th August 2020

This week I’ve been editing Kate Patterson’s lovely new book, Living for Eternity, which is all about knowing God, the One who is with us now, and the One we will be with in Eternity. In Chapter 8, I came across a story about George Müller and the orphanage he ran: It is striking that so […]

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Writer’s Callout

on 27th August 2020

Are you a writer? We would love to hear from you! We currently have opportunities for writers to contribute to our blog, and are welcoming reviews of our books, articles on current and relevant themes and reflections to share. Get in touch if you would like to join in with #WritersWednesday – email

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Managing ‘back to school’ anxieties

Katharine Hill on 19th August 2020

The global pandemic that struck in the last twelve months has had a massive influence on a number of things, and the future of schooling has looked as uncertain as the rest of life. But with Scottish schools back, and in just a few weeks, most children in the rest of UK returning to their […]

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Loss, lockdown and a certain determined light : Luminous Dark

Leanne Clelland on 1st July 2020

As a young man, Alain Emerson tragically lost his wife of two years. In his memoir, ‘Luminous Dark’, he charts his descent into the valley of the shadow of death and his journey out the other side. Steeped in Northern Irish evangelical Christianity, Emerson tries to reconcile his life-long faith with the blackness of his grief. His […]

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Something Has Changed.

Lenna Lidstone on 24th June 2020

The Zoom meeting was scheduled for 4pm and I waited, ready for the call, but one member couldn’t connect. The rest of us agreed to postpone. As I closed my iPad, some chatter from the street outside strayed up the stairs. I was shocked by my reaction. Speedily I made coffee, grabbed a cushion and […]

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To My Body, Turning 50: A Letter of Lament

Jill Weber on 17th June 2020

Dear body,   Oh, I see.Your face fell.Literally.Oh my.Gravity has gotten the better of you my dear.Or shall we just call it gravitas? Resiliently you bear my pain.You hide my wounds,the weight and strainuntilYou dismay me and betray me. See?How easily you tire.How fragile you are.Even with that spare tire (or two). (I’m heartened knowingthatin famine […]

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Speaking Out Of The Silence

Ade Inubile on 11th June 2020

It all started a few weeks ago when I woke up and reached for my phone. I checked Twitter – there’s always something amusing or controversial that gets me going. What I saw shocked me awake. There was a video of a man being chased down by two men in a truck, like a wild […]

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